Service & Maintenance

Regular system checks and maintenance ensures that your business stays fully protected. It also means that we can update you to make sure you still have the most cost-effective system in place as new ones develop. Systems that are not regularly maintained may be at risk of failing without you knowing. This could mean putting your business at risk of theft or fire which insurance policies may not cover in some instances.

The benefit of using RACAM is that we only employ multi-skilled engineers, so if you have multiple systems in place we can check them all in one visit therefore reducing costs and more importantly causing less inconvenience for you as a customer.

We can provide annual or bi-annual service and maintenance checks depending on your system(s). If you have a system in place that was installed by another company but is not currently maintained then get in touch and arrange for one of our engineers to check it over for you and ensure it’s still up to the job.

The RACAM team are fast, friendly and professional who’ll check that everything is in full working order so you can get on with your day.

Stay safe, stay RACAM protected.

Get in touch today to find out more.