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20th November 2018

How to Keep Employees Safe During an Office Renovation

Is your business currently undergoing a renovation? Make sure that your employees and colleagues are kept safe with updated commercial security equipment installations. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, while going through a renovation you definitely won’t want to close up shop and loose business!

If it’s apparent that your property is in a vulnerable situation, it is more likely that thieves will try their chances. After help from the RACAM team, your business property will be kept secure at all times. We cater to domestic and commercial needs. So, whether your home needs intruder alarms or, your business needs an access control system we are here for your security solutions!

Keep Employees Safe During a Workplace Renovation

commercial security equipment

Make sure that your business is fully prepared and safe when undergoing renovations!

Update your Security Plan

In order to ensure that your employees are safe, you should update your security plan of action. The renovation work going on may have restricted access to entrances, exits and windows. Go through the new safety plan with every employee to make sure that they understand the correct emergency procedures to follow. The building work going on during the renovation is already a risk of safety! So, make sure this isn’t pushed further by not responding well to criminal activity.


While your renovation is taking place it is also essential to communicate with stockists, clients, investors etc. and make them aware that this building work is happening. Because if they turn up to the property, and are unaware of the remodelling that’s going on, this can create a big risk to safety, for everyone. So, inform everyone concerned that the renovation work has begun.

This is particularly important if your business is open for the public! If anything happens in terms of safety to a member of the public, your business will be deemed responsible.

Updated Commercial Security Equipment

Our final suggestion when it comes to keeping your workplace secure during a renovation is to update commercial security equipment. As mentioned, if your property is going through changes. Whether you’re reducing or increasing its size or if you’re changing the layout; there’s going to be a need for a different security system. If this is the case, a RACAM engineer will come round to your workplace and carry out an inspection of what is needed and where.

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Trust the RACAM team to make your commercial property safe.

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