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17th December 2018

3 Reasons to Update your Commercial Security System in the New Year

Looking to update your alarm system for small business purposes? RACAM can carry out any upgrades you need! We will make sure that your commercial property is as secure as possible and ready for 2019.

An Alarm System for Small Business Owners – Reasons to Update your Property

alarm system for small business owners

Keep your workplace secure in 2019 with help from RACAM commercial security experts.

Quick Response

One of the main reasons you may want to upgrade your alarm system in 2019 is to make sure your property is supported by a remote monitoring system. RACAM remote monitoring services ensure that your property is protected 24 hours a day by a team of security professionals. Should there be a disturbance or suspicious activity on your premises, the police will be contacted immediately.

Lower Insurance

Another reason you want to may want to update your alarm system for small business purposes is to receive better insurance rates. Adding cameras, fire and security alarms may also qualify your property for discounted insurance. Also, some companies may require you to install a certain type of security system in order to have quality cover.

Higher Standard of Protection

As we mentioned in our last post there are a couple of checks to carry out in order to prepare your home for the new year. If you find that you are in need of a higher standard of security you should definitely think about the options available. Do you currently have a wired security system? Think about upgrading to a wireless system! It can be installed without hassle, requires minimal maintenance and can be easily expanded in the future. Whether you are looking for the simple addition of intruder alarms or are thinking of restructuring your whole system, the RACAM team will be there to help!

Trust RACAM to carry out alarm upgrades in 2019.

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