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22nd December 2018

3 Services from RACAM to Help your Business Over the Festive Period

How secure will your business be over this festive period? No matter the time of year, we always provide the best alarm system for business properties.

The Best Alarm System for Business Owners from RACAM

best alarm system for business owners

Be confident your office is completely protected during the festive period!

In our last post, we focused on how important it is to prepare your business for Christmas and New Year. After finding out more about the following services from RACAM, you will have peace of mind and enjoy your time off this party season!

Remote Monitoring System

One of the security methods we always recommend to commercial clients is a remote monitoring system. Our remote monitoring service offers constant 24/7 property surveillance from experienced operators based at an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Should there be any criminal activity taking place on the premises, one of the team will alert the police immediately! We believe this service to be an essential for any size of business at any time of year – but especially Christmas and New Year!

Warehouse Security System

In the case of businesses with a vast amount of space, like those operating from a warehouse or factory, we have a specific alarm system package. Our warehouse systems consist of varying pieces of specialised security equipment. For example you can choose to have; shock sensors, wireless key systems, decoy bells etc. incorporated into your system. As a warehouse covers a large area, we would say that intruder alarms are simply not effective enough.

Fibre Optic Connectivity

Our final suggestion to help you through this festive period as well as 2019, is that you look into installing fibre optic networks. Whether this be across multiple locations or for one property, a fibre optic connection will facilitate the transfer of data at a super fast rate! This means that your whole security system will run quicker, as well as improved broadband connectivity. The fibre optic installation service from RACAM is definitely something you should consider for optimum commercial security.

Trust the RACAM in protecting your business to the highest standard over Christmas and New Year.

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