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29th December 2018

Answer These Domestic Security Questions – Are You Ready for 2019

Ask yourself these questions to be sure you have the best and most suitable home security alarm system for 2019. Taking these extra steps and carrying out checks could make all the difference!

Security Questions to Ask to get Ready for 2019

best home security alarm system

Make sure your home is kitted out with the highest standard of security equipment in 2019.

Does the layout of my home affect my alarm needs?

In ensuring your property is fully secure, you need to think about if your current system works with your home layout, or against it. Are your current intruder alarms placed appropriately? If you have CCTV, have the cameras been placed in the right areas? Think about the points at which your home can be accessed. This would include windows, the garage, front and back doors. Make sure that these are each covered with some form of protection. This is even more important if your property is located on a main street, is a ground floor flat or bungalow. Of course, if you’re not completely confident on your current alarm system, a RACAM engineer will inspect the exterior and interior of your home.

When did you last test your alarms?

In order to fully gauge the condition of your security system for 2019, you should think about the last time you had a full alarm inspection. If you can’t remember, or you have just recently moved home, it is time to have a security check up! These kind of inspections and tests are necessary to make sure that your cameras, alarms and other pieces of technology are still operating effectively. One of our experienced team will happily carry out these checks, finding the right solutions should your property need updates!

Is your home protected to an adequate standard?

The final and most important question we would recommend you think about, is if your property is completely protected. Though our last post focuses on commercial property, we stress the importance of considering the installation of varied security solutions. This is no different for domestic properties! When it comes to security systems you need to think of the future and the bigger picture. Seriously consider the needs of your household to ensure you have the best home security alarm system in 2019.

Benefit from the expertise of RACAM for your security solutions in the New Year.

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