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7th January 2019

Fibre Optic Networks: All You Need to Know

Thinking of updating your business internet connection for the new year? As we mentioned in our last post, we are taking all the necessary steps to prepare for 2019! A fibre optic installation can completely transform the productivity and practice of your business. The RACAM team will let you know all you need to when it comes to fibre optic networks.

A Fibre Optic Installation from RACAM: All You Need to Know

fibre optic installation

Improve your internet speeds with help from RACAM and a fibre optic connection!

What is a fibre optic connection?

Fibre optic technology is the best and latest in wired data transmission. The optical cables are made up of collections of narrow and long strands of glass which are used to transmit light over long distances. The speed of light is very fast and therefore if your company were to switch to a fibre connection it is likely that both upload and download speeds will improve drastically.

What are the benefits of a fibre optic network?

There are multiple benefits in opting for a fibre connection. A fibre optic installation will;

  • Improve internet signal – copper wired connections will worsen over time, whereas the signal of a fibre optic network is very reliable and consistent.
  • Facilitate the transmission of larger amounts of data – one of the reasons you may want to switch to fibre optic internet is so that you can transfer of large files.
  • Resistant to elements – a fibre optic network is incredibly resistant to the weather, water and changes in temperature. Because the cables are glass, the middle of the wires act as an insulator, protecting the flow of energy.

Why Choose RACAM for a fibre optic installation?

Our fibre optic service comes with 12 months worth of maintenance and support from the RACAM team. Because we are so passionate about ensuring businesses have continued connectivity, this support covers customer call outs and the replacement of faulty equipment! Whether we are carrying out the installation of residential intruder alarms or commercial outdoor wireless networks, we always have the highest level of professionalism and care.

Rely on the RACAM team to improve your business communication and security.

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