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4th February 2019

Don’t Overlook These Simple Business Security Tips

Looking for straightforward business security solutions? Follow the advice of the RACAM security team to make sure your workplace has sufficient protection and surveillance.

Simple Business Security Solutions from RACAM

business workplace surveillance tips

Rely on RACAM experts and business security solutions!

Property Improvements

There are a number of small changes you can make to your property to ensure that the premises has appropriate protection.

  • Find and fit window blinds/curtains which maintain a good amount of privacy and functionality. This way, if your office is on the ground level, valuable and expensive items won’t be visible to the outside world. Encourage employees and colleagues to keep bags and purses out of sight from doors and windows.
  • Another aspect of the property to consider is the installation of timer lights. If you decide to put your interior lights on a timer, it will be easier to deter criminals as they will be under the impression that the building is occupied at all hours.
  • Finally, fitting motion activated lighting on the outside of your business property will put off thieves while providing your employees with increased protection and security when entering and exiting the building. Why not consider upping the security of your business entrances and exists with access control systems? Take a look at our last post for more information.

Security Additions

Of course, the most obvious business security solutions are those which involve updating your security systems. For commercial environments, we recommend;

  • Remote monitoring services – this way you’ll be able to make sure that your business is fully protected with surveillance 24/7. An ideal option if you and your colleagues aren’t always based in an office.
  • Business alarm systems; an essential for any company. Ensure your business security system provides the perfect amount of security and surveillance with our help. Whether you require the addition of intruder alarms or an improved fire alarm network, RACAM are here for you.

Support Network

Look to the surrounding occupants and businesses to create a larger security network.

  • If your office or workplace is located in a larger building and you only occupy a small proportion of it, make connections with your neighbours to ensure all aspects of the premises maintain a good level of protection.
  • Encourage a community spirit. This way you can guarantee support, protection and that there is a “neighbourhood watch” like atmosphere.

Protect your commercial property with simple surveillance services from RACAM.

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