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27th May 2019

Tips for Effective B&B Security

Looking to upgrade your B&B security? House security alarm system experts RACAM will help you make the most of your B&B’s security in time for the busy summer season.

As we mentioned in our last post, we are passionate about ensuring the best security systems are implemented into every business and home around the country. This is why we want to make sure your B&B is well kitted out with intruder alarms etc. to protect and keep guests safe.

B&B House Security Alarm Tips – Advice from RACAM

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Update your B&B security with help from RACAM.

Control Guest Access

We understand that it can be difficult for guests to know where they can spend time whilst staying in a B&B. Why not implement a system where you need different keys for different areas in your home? With one main access key for the main door and then unique keys for the particular rooms guests are staying in – we can help you create a system that works for your specific requirements.

No Noise Disturbance

Do you have loud guests? Think about installing sound sensors! These are sensors that don’t record sounds or eavesdrop, just alert you of loud noises. This is a great idea if you have an outbuilding or guest house that is far away from your main living quarters. This system will warn you of sounds whilst maintaining guest privacy.

Notify Guests of Security Cameras and Devices

Lastly, it’s the law to notify your B&B guests if there are any security cameras/devices on the premises, that are in operation while they are staying. You must have their consent before you use them! We recommend against installing CCTV because of this issue. There are other ways of making sure your domestic property is safe.

Trust RACAM when looking to secure your B&B ready for summer! 

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