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4th June 2019

Security Advice for Airbnb Hosts

Looking for Airbnb security tips? Make sure that your Airbnb is as secure as possible for you and your guests over the upcoming months. The security experts from RACAM will guide you through the process of ensuring that your Airbnb is as secure as possible and ready to house guests over the upcoming busy summer months.

As we mentioned in our last post, the RACAM team always want to make sure that every aspect of safety is considered no matter if the property you are responsible for is domestic or commercial. From the installation of intruder alarms to the installation of a CCTV network; RACAM are here to improve the security of your Airbnb.

Airbnb Security Advice from RACAM

airbnb security

Make sure your Airbnb is as secure as possible with help from RACAM.

Implement a Security System

The most important thing when ensuring your Airbnb property is safe enough is by implementing a security system. An effective and bespoke security system which meets the needs of your property is essential if you’re letting our your home on a regular basis. Whether you opt for a basic system or something a bit more advanced which can be accessed via an app for an example; make sure you at least have one. A security system will mean that you can monitor goings-on in the property if need be. However, you must inform guests that you have a system! Also, an effective security system will differentiate your property from others on Airbnb, and it is likely you will receive more interest for potential bookings because your property is considered more secure.

Set an Emergency Plan

Another tip we recommend to those who operate an Airbnb is to ensure you have a well thought out plan for guests to follow in the event of an emergency. Make sure they can know ways to contact you and that they are informed of local contact numbers for anyone concerned. This way you can be sure that those occupying your Airbnb understand how to go about dealing with an emergency situation.

Safe and Insurance

And finally, make sure that, if you have personal belongings still within the property, you store your most valuable possessions in a safe or keep them secured in an area that your Airbnb guests cannot access. Though it is more than likely the case that your guests aren’t thieves – don’t risk it and be too trusting – after all, they are strangers! And so, make sure you have a safe. Additionally, make sure you have the appropriate insurance.

RACAM can sort out the best standard of security for you as an Airbnb host and your guests.

Trust the security experts from RACAM in making your Airbnb more secure for summer 2019.

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