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20th June 2019

How to Keep Your Office Safe This Summer

In our last post, we discussed home safety during the summer, but office security is equally as important. During summer time, it’s easy to be distracted. With barbecues, after-work socials, or holiday preparations to think about, office security can often be forgotten.

Thieves are well aware of this, and that’s what makes summer a prime time for office burglaries. This is why you should keep your office safe and secure all year long. With our recommendations, you will be able to feel safe in the knowledge that your place of work is well protected against thieves.

1.   Lock Your Valuables Away

If your office, like the majority of workplaces nowadays, uses portable devices such as laptops, iPads, and other pieces of equipment, then your business will most definitely be the target of burglars. RACAM recommends locking these valuables in a safe place or bringing them home with you at the end of each day.

2. Install CCTV & Office Alarms

CCTV and alarm systems in your office are the safest way to secure your office against theft. However, once it’s installed, you must remember to use it! It’s surprising, but many people leave their business for the day and forget to set the alarm. Office teams should also need to ensure the CCTV cameras are on, and that nothing is obstructing the view. It is also important to inform your staff and any office visitors that you have CCTV in operation.

3. Educate Staff

The issue of security in the office shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of the business owner only but on the team as a whole. When it comes to office security, you should establish a plan of action that is specific to your office location, and share it with your employees. You should teach them how to use the office alarms and CCTV, as well as remind them to lock doors when they are leaving, or in case of prolonged absence during the workday.

Alarms for Office Security

By following these 3 steps, you will be able to spend a pleasant summer at work without having to worry about potential theft, which could incur thousands in losses. If you would like to discuss your office’s safety, get in touch with RACAM today, we’d be glad to help you make your business safer.

Specialising in both commercial and domestic intruder alarms, RACAM can help protect you from theft and vandalism all year round.

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