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27th June 2019

4 Home Safety Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

Getting away to get a change of scenery is great, and you may have holidays planned this summer that you’re looking forward to, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to ensure your home is completely safe before you leave! RACAM already gave you essential tips on how to secure your home this summer, and today, we will share with you the top 4 home safety mistakes you need to avoid.

1. “Hidden” Keys

Many people have a set of keys hidden under a decorative rock or somewhere in their garden, in case they lose or forget their own keys. This is a terrible idea because it makes it easier for burglars to enter your property should they find your hidden set of keys. If a burglar enters your home using a key, your home insurance will most likely become void.

2. Valuables Near Windows

Burglars and thieves will routinely walk around in neighbourhoods, looking in windows, hoping to see valuables such as laptops, iPads, and expensive TVs. To reduce the risk of burglary, it’s best to keep your valuables away from the view of people outside your home.

3. Tall Vegetation

Having very tall trees and bushes which hide the view to your house for neighbours may seem like a great idea for privacy, but it’s exactly what thieves are looking for. Hidden behind trees and bushes, they will be able to discreetly enter and exit your home, unseen by your neighbours. If possible, tidy your garden before leaving your home, to ensure the view to your house is clear.

4. Social Media

While you may like to inform friends and family about your weekends away and holidays at the beach by posting pictures on social media, wait and only do so once you’re back home again! Thieves actively look at social media to search for empty houses, and your social media updates may well jeopardise the safety of your home.

Home Safety Solutions from RACAM

If you would like more advice from home security professionals on how to secure your home, or if you would like to install one of our intruder alarms or CCTV systems, get in touch with RACAM today.

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