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9th July 2019

How to Secure your Outbuildings this Summer

In our recent post, we discussed the common mistakes home owners make when going on holiday during summer time. If you have checked and avoided the common mistakes in order for your home to stay secure and safe, chances are you’ve forgotten your outbuildings! 

Whether you have a small home office or home gym, or even just a simple garden shed, they need to be secure to prevent burglars from targeting your property.

Today, we will give you a few of our tips to make sure your outbuildings are safe from any ill-intentioned home intruder, so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest, and know your house and outbuildings are protected.

Your garden shed and other outbuildings are often less secure, and thieves know this very well.

If they see that your home is equipped with a  security system, they are less likely to attempt to break in, but it’s not a deterrent for them. They will most likely try their luck with your outbuildings, because they know people often store valuable gym or gardening equipment in them.


In order to maximise the safety of your outbuildings, choose the location wisely. It should be located not so close to the street so that it’s not easily seen by outsiders, but it shouldn’t be hidden so well that burglars can do their work while being unseen by neighbours.


Another thing you should make sure of is that your outbuilding’s door hinge is secure. Especially in garden sheds, the door hinges are not very sturdy, and could easily be ripped out by any well prepared home intruder. A good choice is to replace the screw with bolts and nuts to make it more difficult for burglars to gain access to your outbuilding.


Finally, a security alarm system will be the best protection against burglars. Equipping your outbuildings with motion sensors and a door sensor will make it impossible for intruders to access your outbuildings without being seen or heard.

If you don’t have a security alarm and cctv system yet, or would like to upgrade it, get in touch with RACAM, we are a team of dedicated specialists who will provide an efficient, quick, and secure service.

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