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29th July 2019

3 Benefits of CCTV for your Home Office

In our last post, we discussed the benefits of having CCTV cameras in your office, but a space where having cameras installed is equally as important is your home office! A home office CCTV camera offers many benefits and can help protect sensitive business documents stored in your home. 


Many businesses or employees enjoy working from home because they  have no commute and can relax at home on their lunch break. While working from home certainly has its advantages, it can also leave your business equipment and sensitive information at risk. 


Whether you have converted a garden shed or an outbuilding into a home office, or have opted to turn a spare room into one, you need to ensure that your home office is safe and secure. You also have to take into account that while thieves may have known of your home office and decided to try their luck with it, they may also be bold and decide to rob your entire home!


Below, we have listed 3 of the top benefits of having a home office CCTV camera installed.


1. Remote Monitoring

If you take some time off and decide to go on holiday, unfortunately, thieves will see an opportunity. We have talked about the steps to take to reduce the risk of theft when going on holiday before ( link), and if your home is also your workplace, the risk is now doubled.

With our remote monitoring services, you will be able to check on your cctv footage on your phone or Ipad easily, to make sure everything is in order.


2. Reduced Insurance Premium

Some insurance companies give reduced rates to people who have installed cctv cameras in their homes. We would advise you check with your  insurance provider, as you may be able to save some money while making your home office safer.


3. Peace of Mind

One of the best advantages of installing a cctv camera in your home office is the peace of mind it will bring you. Wherever you are, you will be able to check on your home office, and ensure that your belongings are safe. In case of theft, you will also have access to the footage of the incident, which will prove invaluable to help the authorities conduct their investigation.

If you would like more information about our CCTV packages, please get in touch with RACAM today, we would love to help you make your home safer.

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