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9th August 2019

5 Advantages of having a CCTV Camera in Your Office

In our recent post about office security, we gave you advice on how to protect your office valuables as well as the security of your staff. As we mentioned before, the most essential part of your office security should be installing CCTV! If you are unsure about installing cctv because of the expenses associated with it , keep on reading to learn more about the advantages of cctv cameras in your office.


1. Crime Prevention

Whether your business is retail-based or not, an advantage of installing a cctv camera in your office is of course crime prevention. CCTV will be a deterrent for most thieves, and it will also help prevent intellectual theft that could be caused by your employees.

2. Increase Employee Productivity

Whether you own multiple businesses, or need to be out of the office for an extended period of time, CCTV cameras in your office will help maintain employee productivity, as your employees will know that they’re being monitored even in your absence.


3. Criminal evidence

If a crime has been committed on your premises, whether it was by an intruder or your own employees, having CCTV footage will greatly help the authorities determining what happened.

4. Reduce the Number of Security Personnel

Whether you work in an office that has public visitors on a daily basis, or your office is adjacent to your warehouse or shop, without CCTV, you would need security personnel on hands at all times to ensure the safety of your stock and of your employees. With a CCTV camera in your office, you greatly reduce the number of security employees needed, as one person can review all CCTV cameras in your office at the same time.

5. Efficient Monitoring of High Risk Areas

Areas with high-risk such as factories or warehouses handling sensitive products should be monitored at all times to prevent accidents, but asking your employees to monitor these areas may put them at risk. Instead, install CCTV cameras in those areas, and you will be able to monitor thek at all times, while assuring the safety of your employees.


If you want to upgrade your office security with a high quality security system, get in touch with RACAM today. We have over 20 years experience helping businesses and individuals secure their properties and bring them peace of mind.

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