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4th September 2019

Office and Business CCTV Solutions

There are a multitude of reasons why investing in good quality CCTV can protect your business and employees. Read on to find out how our office and business CCTV solutions could benefit you.

Deter Thieves and Criminals

Simply put, the installation of CCTV in your business will reduce the likelihood of your office being the target of crime – video surveillance makes your establishment far less tempting to potential thieves. Additionally, in the event of a crime being committed on your premises, having a CCTV recording of the perpetrators makes it far more likely that they will be caught. Despite the fact that many thieves may cover their faces if aware that they are being watched, a video recording will still provide invaluable information about height, build, and clothes – as well as exact timings. If you know that a break-in occurred at 3.10am, this will allow you to check the CCTV of neighbouring businesses between 3am-3.30am, and gain further information.
office and business cctv solutions

Reduce Your Insurance Premium

It’s common knowledge that safeguarding against potential problems will reduce insurance premiums in almost every case. In your home, having a smoke and burglar alarm will likely reduce the cost of your contents insurance. As a business, the same rule applies – businesses with CCTV recording in place will pay less insurance, as insurance companies know that the risk of a pay-out is a lot lower.

Screen Who You Allow Into Your Business

Your business may operate a buzzer or intercom system to allow people into the building. Having CCTV means being able to visually screen who is allowed in – often voice intercom systems alone are not the most reliable way to figure out who exactly is at the door. This can be particularly helpful for businesses who operate on an appointment-only basis, such as high end art dealers or jewelers.

office and business cctv solutions

Monitor Stock Rooms, Back Alleys, and Rear Entrances

This is important as the savvy thief may have been keeping an eye on your business for a while – knowing that staff are potentially moving expensive stock through quiet back corridors, or receiving orders at rear entrances. This is an ideal time for a criminal to strike, as they can get to valuable goods without actually having to break in. Staff and stock rooms are also prime targets for petty theft, and so should be protected to avoid potential problems when staff valuables go missing.

office and business cctv solutions


And that’s just for a start!

In addition, CCTV surveillance can help you monitor employee performance, increase car park safety, keep an eye on till systems, and make sure out-of-hours contractors and maintenance staff are carrying out jobs as they should be.

Can you afford to not be protecting your business with CCTV? Get in touch for advice or a quote with RACAM.

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