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27th November 2019

Home Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

While we’ve already discussed the tips and measures to take to secure your home during summer time, we now want to make sure you’re well aware of the safety risks which are present during the winter holiday season. While this is a festive season filled with joy and friends and family gatherings, it is also a time where you need to look out for home safety incidents


To help secure your home this winter, read our home holiday safety tips below.

Lamp Modules

Remembering to turn your lights on and off is essential to avoid fire risks. Some outdoor lamp modules come with remote controls and an app which allows you to turn them on and off wherever you are. While they are pricier, we recommend these as they are safer. It will also be a good way for you to control your energy consumption and save money over the festive period.

Lighting Hazard 

While Christmas lights are beautiful and spread some of that Christmas magic, we advise you to be cautious, as wrapping Christmas fairy lights around your Christmas tree can be a fire risk. We always recommend you to use LED lights as they do not let off heat as strong as traditional lights do, and we would also advise you to check that your fire alarms are working properly before installing your lights.

Package Theft

The winter season is when many people do their shopping online, looking for Christmas presents, and therefore receive a lot of parcels. Thieves know that, and they will be on the lookout for courier services deliveries. We advise you not to select the ‘leave my parcel in a safe place’ option, especially during the period before Christmas, as no place is truly safe unless it’s on the other side of a locked door inside your home! We also recommend installing a camera at your doorbell and that is connected to your phone via an app, as this will allow you to see if a parcel was delivered at your front door and left unattended.

If you would like to learn more about our safety systems for your home, whether you’re looking for a burglar alarm or a fire alarm, please get in touch, we would love to help you make your home safer for you and your family.

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