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20th January 2020

Tips To Recognise Burglars’ Techniques

We previously gave you advice on how to choose your professional home or office security alarm system, and now we want to make you aware of the most commonly used techniques by burglars for home invasions. Being well-informed and educated on home security is the first step to take in order to protect your home. Your knowledge, combined with an intruders alarm system will act as a great burglar deterrent. Keep on reading to discover the most common techniques burglars use.


Tracking You on Social Media

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with old friends and family via social media accounts. You may share holiday pictures, a picture of your new electronics or jewellery…

Those pictures represent a golden opportunity for thieves and burglars. As you’re signifying to them that you have valuables and by tagging locations, you may tip off burglars that your home is empty. These individuals create fake Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts and will request to follow you. We recommend not accepting anyone you don’t know in real life on social media. If you have a public account, making it private is a wise thing to do, as burglars have free access to your information.


Opening Door Locks and Lifting Windows with Various Everyday Tools

Burglars are very crafty people, and all it takes for them to pick your locks or lift your windows are every day tools. For windows, they will use flat-head screwdrivers. They will also try their luck with your garage doors, using a hanger which they unfold and hook to pull the opening mechanism of the door. We recommend using double glazed windows and installing electric shutters for your windows and garage doors. It makes it much harder for burglars to open them. For door locks, burglars can use a hairpin or even an electric toothbrush! They kick the door and once the cylinder is damaged, they put an object inside the lock to open the door. Having several heavy duty locks can help protect your home against this issue.

Fake Mail or Litter

Another technique burglars will use is put promotional material such as restaurant menus as well as drinks cans around your home. While this just sounds odd, don’t be fooled. Chances are this wasn’t done by vandals, but by experienced thieves. They do this in order to see how long it will take you to pick up the rubbish. Firstly, it would tip them off that you’re away if you didn’t pick up the rubbish at all, but even if you eventually do and it takes you some time to do so, the burglars will note that you’re not really observant when it comes to your home surroundings. To avoid this, when you see strange items or rubbish, pick it up, and if possible ask your neighbours about it.

If you’re looking for advice on the best security system for your home and offices or more burglar deterrent tips, please get in touch, a team member will help with your query.

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