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10th July 2020

What Office Security Options Should I Consider?

In our previous blog post, we looked at recognising burglars’ techniques, but how about making sure you have the right means to prevent theft in the first place?  While office security options have always been important, we have realised the true value of a great security system during over the past few months.  With a reported surge in break ins to businesses during lockdown, have you considered what you have in place to keep your office secure?

With decades of experience and team of skilled engineers, we have put together a list of features to think about when considering your office security options.

Camera Coverage

CCTV is a powerful deterrent for thieves and one of the best ways to prevent potential break ins.  If a break in ever does happen, providing evidence to the police is important.  Good camera coverage and high-quality footage allows you to do this.  You can also use CCTV for monitoring and keeping an eye on the external surroundings of your business.

Alarm Systems

After CCTV systems, the next of your office security options to take care of is your alarms.  Having an effective alarm system is crucial to the security of your premises.  There are a variety of alarm systems with features including movement sensors and door contacts.  Mobile apps allow you to monitor your system from wherever you are, giving you piece of mind while working remotely or during holidays.  Systems also include links to police response and alarm receiving centres.  This ensures that if there ever is a break in, response times will be quick.

Access Control

One of the features you may not have given as much thought to, when considering office security options, is access control systems.  You can choose either a gate system or a door entry system.  Either choice can give you complete control over who is coming into your premises.  This helps to keep your property, your staff and your data secure.  As well as security, controlled access systems can help with fire safety procedures.  You will know how many people are in the building, and can link this with HR systems for timekeeping.  A really handy feature is that these access controls can be integrated with your CCTV and alarm systems.


Here at RACAM, we have a wide variety of options for your office security.  We can install a system to suit the needs of your business and your budget.  Our options are set up for monitoring remotely and are integrated to work together.  We can also provide safety and maintenance checks on your security systems.  To discuss which option is right for you, and look at pricing, please get in touch with our team – we’d be happy to help!


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