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What Office Security Options Should I Consider?

office security solutions

In our previous blog post, we looked at recognising burglars’ techniques, but how about making sure you have the right means to prevent theft in the first place?  While office security options have always been important, we have realised the true value of a great security system during over the […]

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Home Holiday Safety Tips

While we’ve already discussed the tips and measures to take to secure your home during summer time, we now want to make sure you’re well aware of the safety risks which are present during the winter holiday season. While this is a festive season filled with joy and friends and […]

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Which Professional Home Security System is Best For You?

Here at RACAM, we believe that every homeowner should have the best professional security system, installed by experts, for a complete peace of mind. However, with the many different kinds of alarms on the market, we understand that you can easily become confused as to what is the best choice […]

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Office and Business CCTV Solutions

office and business cctv solutions

There are a multitude of reasons why investing in good quality CCTV can protect your business and employees. Read on to find out how our office and business CCTV solutions could benefit you. Deter Thieves and Criminals Simply put, the installation of CCTV in your business will reduce the likelihood […]

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5 Advantages of having a CCTV Camera in Your Office

In our recent post about office security, we gave you advice on how to protect your office valuables as well as the security of your staff. As we mentioned before, the most essential part of your office security should be installing CCTV! If you are unsure about installing cctv because […]

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3 Benefits of CCTV for your Home Office

In our last post, we discussed the benefits of having CCTV cameras in your office, but a space where having cameras installed is equally as important is your home office! A home office CCTV camera offers many benefits and can help protect sensitive business documents stored in your home.    […]

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4 Home Safety Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

home safety

Getting away to get a change of scenery is great, and you may have holidays planned this summer that you’re looking forward to, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to ensure your home is completely safe before you leave! RACAM already gave you essential tips on how […]

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How to Keep Your Office Safe This Summer

alarm office system

In our last post, we discussed home safety during the summer, but office security is equally as important. During summer time, it’s easy to be distracted. With barbecues, after-work socials, or holiday preparations to think about, office security can often be forgotten. Thieves are well aware of this, and that’s […]

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6 Tips on Protecting Your Home This Summer

Home intruder alarm to protect your home while you are away on holiday

Summertime is here and, like many people, you may have holidays planned. Unfortunately, summer is a prime time for home burglaries! Thieves are well aware that at some point during the summer, your home will be left unattended, and therefore vulnerable. We recently gave you advice on how to secure […]

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3 Signs You Should Update your Holiday-Let Security

Now that we’re approaching the summer holiday season, make sure that your holiday home security is up to scratch! With help from the intruder alarms team from RACAM, we will ensure that your holiday-let property is fully secure and prepared for short-term lets over the summer period. As we mentioned in […]

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