Fire & Life Safety

Fire Alarm Systems

Are you looking for reliable commercial fire alarm installers? Fire and smoke damage is one of the biggest concerns for business owners. Without proper protection there is a significant risk from internal fires, electrical damage, arson, even fire spreading from neighbouring buildings. Fortunately, fire alarm installers RACAM can help you.

Our Commercial Fire Alarm Systems are installed to meet industry standards to provide maximum protection and are regularly maintained to ensure they remain in full working order long-term.

Fire Alarm Installers from RACAM

Protecting your business from the threat of fire is vital, and a real concern for many business owners.

Fortunately, at RACAM we have a wide range of fire alarm solutions on offer to ensure that your business is protected in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Business Fire Alarm Installation Features

  • Wired, wireless & hybrid systems
  • Addressable & non-addressable systems
  • Standalone & networked systems
  • Interfacing capability with other building systems
  • 24/7 remote monitoring by an alarm receiving centre
  • Fire brigade response to alarm activations

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