Fire & Life Safety

Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment should be an essential part of your business’s health and safety guidelines.

Since 2006, it is a legal requirement to have an up to date fire risk assessment in every workplace, and it has to be compliant with PAS79, a fire risk assessment template which outlines exactly what your fire risk assessment consultant should check for.

This regulation doesn’t specify how often a fire risk assessment should be carried out, but it is usually recommended to have one annually, as well as any time there is a structural change to your building. Another occasion where it is mandatory to have one is in the case of newly hired vulnerable employees.

We use specialist partners to complete our fire risk assessments.

A fire risk assessment should be taken very seriously, as it is an assessment which can potentially save lives. Therefore, it needs to be well thought out and prepared.

It should be carried out in 3 steps:

  • Identifying people at risk.
  • Evaluating risks.
  • Identifying possible fire hazards.

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