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RACAM provides a wide range of keyless access control systems suitable for a wide range of requirements. We provide our solutions across Glasgow and Scotland's Central Belt - contact us today to find out more.

Keyless Access Control Systems

Are you searching for keyless access control systems? At RACAM we have an exceptional range of keyless access control systems on offer, suitable for a wide range of requirements. From hospitality and tourism to offices and business spaces, we have the keyless access control system for you.

Our Range of Keyless Access Control Systems

Our range of keyless access systems include:

  • Audio Door Entry Intercom Systems
  • Video Door Entry Intercom Systems
  • VOIP Intercom Systems
  • Biometric Systems
  • Swipe Card Systems
  • Code Lock Systems

Benefits of Keyless Access Systems

Just some of the benefits of keyless access systems include:

  • The option for flexible working practices
  • Easier to replace than lost keys
  • Can be used as an ID
  • Track productivity
  • Monitor who enters the premises
  • Increased Safety and Security

commercial access control systems - Keyless Access Control Systems

As you can see, there are countless benefits of using keyless access systems. From the ease of replacement to flexibility, keyless access is an excellent option for any business. As well as being easy to replace, and allowing employees to work flexibly, key cards can be used as a form of ID, providing both proof of identification and secure entry into the premises. This can be far more cost-effective than having to cut countless keys and create separate ID cards, combining the two can improve security and minimise costs.

For the hospitality or tourism industries, keyless access control systems allow you to keep your hotel secure, while also minimising the cost of replacing frequently lost keys. By using keyless access control systems, you can keep your business, employees and guests secure.

What can RACAM do for You?

Our excellent expert team can design, install and maintain keyless access control systems for your business, protecting your premises and staff. Once your keyless access control system is installed, you have instant control over your workplace, providing you with security and peace of mind. Furthermore, our keyless access control systems can help you monitor the movement of people within your business. By using one system, or a combination of systems, you can gain control over your business with the help of RACAM.


The requirements for our systems can vary from site to site, which is why we insist that one of our expert surveyors visits your premises. By visiting your premises, we can gain a real understanding of your business and the best systems for you.

Keyless Access Control Systems from RACAM

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