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Our outdoor wireless network service is perfect if you have more than one business premises! Our RACAM engineers will be able to improve building to building communication.

What RACAM Can Do For You:

An outdoor wireless network, also known as a long range wireless network, installed by RACAM is the perfect option for when two or more points, like office buildings, need to communicate data but a wired network cannot be installed due to budget or landscape constraints.

An outdoor wireless network is wireless data connection that facilitates the communication of data between multiple points. It is considered a solution for businesses where a wired network connection is impossible or very costly. 

The point to point setup can utilise the IP protocol, which allows the extension of existing networks – allowing your organisation to continue business as normal. Sharing files, access to systems and more!

 A long range wireless network is cost effective compared with a wired network due to initial maintenance and operations costs being significantly lower.

 Our long range wireless networks can reach speeds of up to a staggering 1gb/second, this is much faster and more reliable than a typical broadband connection.

 Installing a outdoor wireless network will not disrupt your business operations and waste time, we will work closely with your IT department to ensure smooth integration.

 An outdoor wireless network can transmit over 50km. Ideal if your business has multiple buildings located on a large plot of land, for example, a holiday park. Using repeaters, the 50km can be expended to a virtually unlimited distance.


Very Professional and Not Intrusive…

“Delighted with the intercom system, all going well so far. The engineer who fitted the system was very professional and not intrusive at all, given the services we provide this is very important.”

Professional and Reliable Service…

“Great, professional and reliable service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for CCTV or alarms. As a long standing customer, this is the best company around!”

Professional and Pleasant…

“Delighted with my new wireless intruder alarm system. The surveyor was very pleasant and there were no hard sell tactics. The installation engineer was really professional and even left the place tidier than he found it. Very impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending RACAM’s services.”

Fast, Reliable and Comprehensive…

For the past 9 years RACAM Security & Communications have provided a fast, reliable and comprehensive maintenance service for North Ayrshire CCTV Limited’s Public Space CCTV Network. I would not hesitate in recommending RACAM as a company to be relied upon.”

Excellent Service From Start To Finish…

“RACAM provided an excellent service from start to finish. Me and my partner feel much safer at home now with our new alarm system in place.”

Very Reasonable and Very Professional…

“We got a new installed by RACAM recently. I would highly recommend this company, very reasonable and very professional. All wireless sensors so no upheaval and you get fobs to turn on and off. You can also download an app and operate it from your phone!”

Professional, Timely, Reliable…

“The service we have received from RACAM has always been professional, timely, reliable, overall excellent, which is very reassuring when dealing with any issue that arises, whether in person or via telephone”

Why Should You Choose RACAM as Your Outdoor Wireless Network Installers

  NSI Silver Award

  Affordable Options

  Scotland Wide Cover

  Free Consultation

Outdoor Wireless Network

This form of network is ideal if your business premises are located somewhere it is difficult to lay a wired connection. A perfect example of this would be if the area surrounding your building has too much concrete or land otherwise unsuitable for laying data cables. In situations like this, RACAM engineers recommend the installation of an long range wireless network. 

The long range wireless network or outdoor wireless network service we provide has proved very popular among businesses! We will create a secure network between your varying office premises, ready for rapid communication. If there should be anything to go wrong in the future, we will be on hand to provide additional maintenance.

At RACAM we have a skilled and trusted team who help with your network needs. Look to us to solve any communication problems you may have!

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    Improve your Business Communication with an Outdoor Wireless Network

    Keep your business running effectively with the help from RACAM Security and Communications. With all new systems come with 12 months maintenance and support with extension options to suit. This covers customers for all call outs and any faulty equipment.

    Outdoor Wireless vs Wired Networks

    There are a number of differences between an outdoor wireless network and a wired network;

    Outdoor Wireless Network

     Instant which is neater and cleaner for a commercial environment

     Multiple devices can be connected, ensuring fast communication

     Pain-free setup, which is not intrusive and damaging to work efficiency

    Outdoor Wired Network

     Relies on wire to work, will provide a stable connection, however needs to be connected with ethernet cable

     Installation of wired connection can be time-consuming

     Wires have to run through rooms to ensure there is a connection

    Improve Your Business with RACAM

    Improve Your Business with RACAM