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Remote CCTV Monitoring

Looking to install remote CCTV monitoring for your business? RACAM offers the option for your CCTV system to be connected to a remote monitoring station! This means an alarm will be sent to a station in the case of the CCTV capturing strange activity. No matter what industry your company is in, a remote CCTV system is crucial!

Unsure if you need a new security system? The trusted engineers from RACAM always strive to ensure every business we help feel secure and safe. After years working in the fire and security industry, the expert support our team provides is of the highest possible standard! The CCTV system we install will ensure your employees be safe and feel protected, we only work with brands we trust!

What is a Remote CCTV Monitoring System?

a remote cctv monitoring system

Installing this security system will keep your business protected 24/7!

A remote CCTV monitoring system is connected to a control station called the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). In the case of an intrusion on your business premises, the ARC is alarmed and acts immediately to look into the situation. If it appears to be a police matter the ARC notify them!

Benefits of a Remote CCTV Monitoring System

  • Around the clock protection! Not only does this kind of CCTV system ensure your business is safe and secure, the monitoring never ends. Feel like your workplace is particularly vulnerable to crime? Let remote CCTV monitoring take this stress away! A system that means you do not have to be constantly vigilant!
  • Quick response to damage. Installing a remote CCTV monitoring system, you can trust that the time taken to respond to confirmed alarms will faster. Ultimately reducing the amount of damage or losses.
  • Also, police response time will be provided quicker! The ARC will automatically notify the police if the alarm is confirmed. This means that the police will get to your business quicker, less damage will be have been done!
  • Cost effective! Installing this kind of surveillance system will also reduce the cost of business insurance premiums.

Why should your business choose a remote CCTV monitoring system?

This type of commercial security system is reliable, of a high quality and gives, you, the business owner overall piece of mind. Every business needs a high level of protection! Your business can operate effectively without being limited due a weak security system with the help of our engineers. A RACAM CCTV monitoring system will ensure that your working environment is relaxed, safe and productive!

So, interested in hearing more about the remote CCTV monitoring system? Want to explore our other security products – like intruder alarms? Contact us today!