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RACAM provides first class commercial remote monitoring systems to protect your business from thieves and other criminals. Talk to us today to find outmode about our commercial remote monitoring solutions.

Remote Monitoring System

remote monitoring system

Are you searching for the best remote monitoring system for your business? At RACAM we have the perfect remote monitoring system for you and your business. Our systems provide you with peace of mind and security for your business.

What is a Remote Monitoring System?

Remote monitoring is when a dedicated control centre – known as an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – is connected to your business security system where experienced operators monitor your premises for unexpected activity.

Should an unusual event occur, such as a break-in, the ARC operators immediately investigate the activation and act accordingly? Initially, they will notify you and in the event of a confirmed alarm. They will also notify the police on your behalf.

Benefits of Having a Remote Monitoring System

  • Added peace of mind when your premises are vacant
  • Receive a quick response to a confirmed alarm, reducing the chances of loss or damage
  • Automatic police response when required, providing additional protection
  • Reduced business insurance premiums (in certain circumstances, remote monitoring systems may be a standard requirement).

Why Should You Choose RACAM for Your Remote Monitoring Systems?

RACAM provides high quality, reliable remote monitoring solutions for peace of mind for your business. Remote monitoring from RACAM allows you to protect your business, even when you are not present. With fast response times in the event of an incident, you can rely on RACAM’s remote business monitoring systems, protecting you and your business in the event of a break-in. As well as protecting you from external criminal activity, remote monitoring can also protect you from the threat of employee theft, ensuring that your business is protected round the clock.

Remote Monitoring from RACAM

For the best commercial and business remote monitoring systems, look no further than RACAM. Get in touch today to find out more about our remote monitoring solutions and other options for intruder alarms.