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Fire Extinguisher Installation and Maintenance

Having fire extinguishers in your workplace is a mandatory and essential safety measure. However, the installation of fire extinguishers is only the first step. They also need to be serviced to ensure they function properly.

UK regulations indicate that fire extinguishers should be located by fire alarm call points and exits. In the case of a larger number of exits and fire alarm call points than the required number of extinguishers, you can refer to the British standard 5306, which specifies that there should be a fire extinguisher within 30 metres on each floor of your premises.

There are two ways to securely install fire extinguishers. They can be wall mounted, fitted on a wall bracket. Alternatively, they can be fitted on adapted stands on the ground.

Fire Extinguisher Installation and Maintenance with RACAM

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There are also different extinguishers types, for different purposes. 

1. Water extinguishers

They help fight Class A fires, which are started by materials such as wood, paper or fabric.

2. Foam extinguishers

They work best on type A and B fires. Type B fires involve highly flammable liquids like petrol, diesel and oils.

3. Powder Extinguishers

They are also known as CO2 extinguishers, and work best to help contain type A and B fires. They work by cutting off the air supply, and do not leave residue, unlike water and foam extinguishers. They can safely be used on fires involving electrical equipment.

4. Wet chemical extinguishers

They are recommended to fight class F fires. Those fires are kitchen fires, usually started with cooking oil or other fats. Although they were designed for kitchen fires, they also work well on type A and B fires.

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If you would like help choosing the best suited fire extinguisher for your business, or would like us to install your fire extinguishers in order to adhere to the UK regulations, or if you’re in need of fire extinguishers servicing in your workplace, contact us today.

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